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Makeup For Men

28 Mar
Photo Mark DeFabry.  Makeup by Rebecca Schembri

Photo Mark DeFabry, Reno. Makeup for Men by Rebecca Schembri

Although most of our men these days leave makeup to the girls, there are times when it is helpful to even out that manly glow.  As a professional makeup artist, I get to freshen up male models before they get their pictures taken!

On photo shoots for men, I like to insist that I am not dolling the men up, I am toning them down.  This means a bit of bronzer on the bones and a touch of color to the cheeks and lips so everything looks moisturized and HEALTHY!  I am giving them an even glow so their audience sees the model, not the blemishes or a pale I-work-indoors skin tone.

Makeup for men takes ten minutes or less, depending on skin discolorations and photo shoot conditions such as sun and heat.  Check out the results!

Rebecca from Reno


How To Do Zombie Makeup

3 Oct


As a makeup and hair artist, I get to have a lot of fun doing creative things every now and then.  October is one of my favorite makeup seasons and this is not just a simple version of my zombie movie makeup, this is the real deal.  It’s easy too…it just takes practice.













Zombie Makeup by A Salon 7 Reno

Clear the skin area you want your zombie wound in.  Make sure it is free from hair and skin oil. Use a water/ rubbing alcohol mix to dehydrate the area.

Tear a cosmetic sponge in half.  Use the torn side of the sponge to dip in your latex and blot onto skin.  Cover with a thin layer of facial tissue.  Allow to dry three minutes.

Start another wound while waiting for the first one to cure.  Blot on more liquid latex to the outsides of the wound.  Be thorough but do not oversaturate (not drippy). Also, be sure to seal the borders of the wound so it does not peel up prematurely (before the night is done).

Apply more facial tissue and scrunch it all around and covering the wound.  Blot latex all around and on top of all the tissue. Let dry and do the other wound.  Now, tear open the tissue across the inside of the wound. Case-in-point why we don’t want hairy skin.

With the second piece of cosmetic sponge, apply black to the inside of the wound.  Apply green, yellow and purple to the outsides (blue plus yellow makes green, red plus blue makes purple).  Don’t paint, blot your color on.  Blend with a clean, torn sponge.

Add red in little blots all over the outside of the wound.  Dust with a small amount of zombie dust.

Add white to your face, black around your eyes, a little bit of green to your lips and blend, blend, blend with a dry, torn cosmetic sponge.  Dust lightly with zombie dust.


Zombies are Dirty

Remember to add makeup to your neck, arms and handsanything that is exposed! 

Tease, tousle and dust your hair too.  Remember: zombies are very dirty.

Final step:  Using a spoon, slowly pour zombie blood into your wounds.  Let it drip out in a natural fall so stand like a zombie when you do this.  If you are a fresh zombie, use red blood and let it drip down yourself quite a bit. If you are an old zombie, use a small amount of black blood but don’t let it drip.  Old zombies don’t have a lot of blood left in them, that’s why their ears are always falling off.


Girls: save your old makeup-don’t throw it away!  During zombie season, scoop all of the eye shadow and face powders out of their containers with a spoon; all colors are fine.  Stay away from shimmery product…just use matte. Crush until dusty.  Use this to dust yourself completely when your look is done.

Guys: get zombie dust from your woman or use baby powder or dry shampoo.

Drag Queens: you already know what to do.  Xo.


Partial Zombies are Still Pretty

More tips:

Decide what type of zombie you want to be: fresh and bloody (one week or less) or old and dusty (with no wet blood).

Also, if you are worried about having too scary of a look, tone it down a bit by doing just a portion of your face so that part of you can still have meaningful eye contact with other humans.  This is the just bitten zombie (first three days of turning).

Happy Zombeedays!

Your Personal Stylist

Natural Hairstyling

20 May

Cut and Highlights by Rebecca Schembri on the beautiful Heather H., Reno. 775.338.9241

It’s summertime and it is time to rest that hair.  Do you know how to wear your tresses on the natural and how to style without a mirror?  I can help!

Let’s recap our beauty rules for warm weather:

~ Learn how to braid.  From long French braids to little front side braids, braiding makes you look pretty without the fuss, especially if you are playing outside.

~ Carry a leave-in conditioner in your beach bag. From Argon or Moroccan oil to sea sprays and curl creams, these revive and refresh your hair before and after warm weather fun.

~Use your fingers.  Natural styles emphasize definition. Form and tousle your hair throughout the day, leaving that round winter brush where it belongs…in the bathroom.

~Get accessories.  Pins, flowers, headbands and hats are a little party for your head and you can keep them in your bag for last minute beauty smarts.

Remember, natural styling is good for your hair. Be sure to give it the summer retreat it deserves and let it be healthy.  Enjoy the season!


Hair and Makeup by Rebecca Schembri 775.338.9241. Photography Ben Sumlin, Reno.

 Rebecca from Reno