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Beauty Makeovers

22 Jan

Be sweet to yourself: now is a great time for a health and beauty makeover.

Ladies, wanna look and feel LOVELY this season? Check out these tips to up your romantic appeal:

1. Get a great haircut. Having a new ‘do’ makes a huge difference in your appearance. Ask your hairdresser for something that flatters your face. For inspiration, look for pictures of haircuts on people that look like you.

2. Get a makeup lesson. Most makeup artists offer private or group classes and can teach you how to make simple adjustments to your makeup routine, giving you fresh and glamorous looks for day and night.

3. Get a mani/pedi. There’s nothing like having manicured fingers and toes-it’s so pretty and clean and sure to make you feel more beautiful.

4. Get some excercise. Great skin tone and energy are attractive traits and make you feel confident. That’ll put a smile on your face and will help draw in the people around you.


Go get ’em!

5. Drink lots of water to hydrate your skin and to help you keep a fresh mind. This is epic for your well-being.

6. Eat healthy foods. Subscribe to a healthy food blog and practice great nutrition. You will feel better and you will have a more positive outlook which is definately attractive.

7. Better your conversation skills. Make a list of 20 fun questions you could ask someone while getting to know them such as, “What’s the funnest thing you did this year?” and “What do you like most about such and such and why?” etc. These types of questions bring out the best in others and generate friendship and appreciation. Plus, you might learn something interesting.

8. Single? Get out and meet people! Go to mixers, events, meetings, parties, and anything else you can think of. Have fun.

9. Finally, Sweet One, pick out some new outfits, dress saucy and enjoy yourself. You deserve it!


Photography by Ben Sumlin, Reno. Hair and Makeup by Rebecca Schembri schembrisima@gmail.com

Rebecca from Reno


Five Minute Makeup

22 Jan

Hair and Makeup by Rebecca Schembri for Nicole Williams State Farm Insurance

Want to be beautiful all day long in just five minutes? I can show you how.

As a makeup artist, I have to do good work quickly since YOU have places to go! Here is a beauty base you can flaunt in just minutes:

First, you will need the following items:



~Apply CONCEALER with foundation brush in the t-zone and to blemishes. Blend outwards

~Apply BRONZER with bronzing brush to all outsides of the face and neckline. Include under the cheekbone

~Apply BLUSH to apples of the cheeks. BLEND into bronzer with circular motions with a big, clean powder brush

~Apply MASCARA to both sides of top lashes and to bottom, if desired.  Two coats are great as long as you wait a minute between coats. Brush out any clumps with a dry mascara wand or lash brush

~Apply COLOR LIPGLOSS in matte or shiny

The emphasis in this look is bright skin. If you want extra beautiful, you can add on from here…especially if it’s date night.

Good luck and remember to send me your questions.

Rebecca Schembri…Your Personal Stylist

schembrisima@gmail.com /775.338.9241

How to Apply False Eyelashes

20 Nov

Hair and Makeup by Rebecca Schembri

Artificial eyelashes are a great option for sexifying your look and making your eyes look bigger. Especially fun for holiday parties, putting lashes on can be easy, if you know how.

First, get lashes that are soft and have a thin band. This makes them easier to bend to your eye shape.

Next, measure the lashes by comparing them to yours. They should not be longer than your natural lash line. If they are longer, cut them on the outside end to fit.

Apply mascara to your eyelashes. Let it dry.

Add clear or black eyelash glue, depending on your preference, to the artificial lashes. Let the glue get tacky before you adhere the band to your natural lashes.

Stick the lashes to your lashes, not to your eyelid. Press with your fingertips and let dry.


Temporary Lashes are Glamorous

Done! Now you can go party! Your lashes should stay until the morning when you gently peel them off.

Have fun!

Your Personal Stylist

Highlighting and Contouring with Makeup

14 Nov

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Fashion Trends

5 Sep

Fall’s beauty trends are giving us natural appeal and a continuation of 2013’s taste for simplicity versus Old Hollywood.

Similar to the beauty chasm between the rich and poor in last year’s The Hunger Games, fashion this season is a teeter totter of extremes. Look for braids (still), ponytails, buns, short bangs and even texturized BOWL CUTS, offset by glam looks from fifty years ago.


Bowl-Cut and Mullet-Inspired Short Hair

Expect to see a lot of stark, middle parts and soft, touchable hair. This hippie-inspired mentality began last spring and reflects free will and community, or the coming of a new age.

Side parts, for those that do not participate, are also very extreme.


Cool Gold Hair with Middle Part

For glamorous looks we can enjoy sixties Hollywood glamour and some GOLDEN hair color. Not into warm golds? Try new ICY GOLDS which complement cool skin tones. Think Marilyn and Motown for hairstyles.

Vintage_Hollywood_ Glam

Vintage Hollywood Glam

Clothing has another round of  modernistic, flowy looks and lots of uptown texture like wool blends and tight, Old-Europe-inspired patterns. Classic is IN! These styles are worn separately, so far.

Makeup looks are matte but sometimes shiny on the lips.  Adults are seeing a lot of red lips with natural makeup.


Red Lips and Natural Hair

Teenagers are still in love with Edward and are wearing a lot of vampy black eyeliner with red lips for their daytime look and they have brought back the mullet sans Joe Dirt.  Interesting!

What’s next for 2014? My guess is WWII military-inspired looks are going to keep climbing. Hippie trends will continue to shadow the mainstream and hair may be going short for an eighties reprise (long sigh). Take note at Beyonce, Rhianna, Anne Hathaway and, yes, Miley Cyrus.  Master magician Criss Angel has even cut HIS hair this year.  Are YOU ready?


Criss Angel’s New Look is Fresh, Classic and On-Trend for 2013

Enjoy being fashionable!

Your Personal Stylist

The Perfect Bang

10 Jun
Bangs can transform your look

Bangs can transform your look

Let’s talk bangs!  They can transform your look by emphasizing your eyes and by softening your forehead.  Also, they are super trendy right now!  I can show you how to style them and how to relax your ‘cowlicks’, giving you the perfect bang.

The crisscross method:  On wet, not damp, bangs and using a soft, cushiony brush and your blow dryer on high heat, take thick sections and brush your hair diagonally across your forehead alternating with each side. Once almost dry, brush sections sideways up and over the forehead to create lift.  Then you can finish with a few more crisscross strokes.    For my straight-banged girls that is all it takes…no hairspray needed!

Side-swept bangs can be thick and swoopy or soft and wispy

Side-swept bangs can be thick and swoopy or soft and wispy

For long, swoopy bangs:  After blow-drying with your crisscross method, tilt your head all the way to one side until your bangs are above your brow line and dangling in the air.  From 18 inches away, lightly mist your bangs with hairspray.  (My current favorite is Rockaholic Fun Times Flexible Hairspray by Bed Head).  Stay tilted and gently shake your head so that your bangs gain movement.

For extra hold, repeat this process.  Then count to five mississippi and come on up!  If your bangs are too helmet-like, make a claw with your hand and gently rough the bangs by scratching your head one inch from the scalp, without disturbing the hairsprayed line at the brow.  VOILA!  Your bangs should last at least four hours or until you comb them out.

Flexible hairspray holds and gives your hair movement

Flexible hairspray holds and gives your hair movement

For bang trims, please see your hairstylist unless you have a super soft, wispy bang.  If that is the case, you can trim your bangs yourself in-between salon visits.  Use haircutting shears and lightly point-notch the ends by cutting vertically.

Enjoy your perfect bangs and remember to send me your questions!

Your Personal Stylist