Grey Blending For Men

Hair and Makeup For Men by Rebecca Schembri, Breeze Salon Reno
Most men get their first grey hairs in their late twenties.

Hi Men! Let’s talk about grey. If you have grey hair, there are a few options for your look. First, decide how much chrome you’d like to have in your hair. Most men look distinguished and sexy with some grey. It just depends on your personal preference and on your target audience (romantic, professional, young, mature, etc).

Next, talk to your hairstylist about color if you want to soften your silver. Grey blending is the best alternative to permanent haircolor because it gently rinses out within a month. You will never see that line of demarcation telling you it’s time for more color (and no one else will either!) Blending is usually done at the shampoo bowl and processes in FIVE minutes before or after your haircut. Super fast.

Grey blending can soften your look. Fancy!

Grey blending does not completely cover grey. It simply tones the hair to give it a softer look. If you want ALL of your greys gone, consider a permanent haircoloring service. This takes a little bit longer than blending at the bowl, but the results are more solid and you have more color options.

Whatever your preference, your hairstylist can help…just ask!

Rebecca Schembri is a Published Hair and Makeup Artist and Owner of Breeze Salon in Reno