How to do a Smokey Eye

Hair and Makeup by Rebecca Schembri, Breeze Salon Reno
A smokey eye defines your eyelid and frames your eye space.

How do you get this look? Check it out:

Remembering our smokey eye rule to apply darkest to lightest from the lashes up, every smokey eye can be changed to any color palette and texture. Your dark shadow goes on the lids, medium in the crease and light under the brow! From light greens and coppers to purples and browns and greys and blacks, this rule stays the same.

You can switch it up with creams and mattes or shimmer and glitter. Creating the perfect smokey eye to fit the occasion and that is age-appropriate-shimmer can highlight fine lines and should be strategically placed on skin that is over thirty, is an easy way to look sultry or fashionable.

Next, do your brows with a pencil, wax  or powder and add a few coats of black mascara to your lashes, top and bottom… it’ll make all the difference.

Contour around your face and under your cheekbones and neck, down to your chest line with a matte or shimmer bronzing powder (respecting our age rule) and add a touch of blush to the apples of your cheeks. Then blend, blend, blend.

Lip gloss, if you are in a hurry, or lipstick and liner, if you have time, will polish your look!

Rebecca Schembri is a Published Hair and Makeup Artist and Director of Breeze Salon in Reno, Nevada. 

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