Zombie Apocalypse Reaches Reno

A Salon 7 in Reno Specializes in Zombie Makeup
Are YOU Ready?

Fall marks a special milestone in Reno history…in October, ZOMBIES will be invading and they will be dancing the Thriller Dance downtown!

Halloween, what lorists consider as the day the veil between the natural and unnatural is the thinnest, is usually taken with a grain of salt and exploited…for FUN! Known as the biggest spending season for adults, retail ventures know all too well the positive financial impact this holiday has on our economy.

Reno’s own Junkie Clothing Exchange is well prepared!  Located in the Midtown District on Virginia Street, it is is your one-stop shop for Halloween garb.  From wigs to accessories to abundant costume ideas, they’ve got it.

A SALON 7 is featured on Junkee’s television show Reno Style for zombie makeup. The BEST SALON IN RENO flaunts its monster makeup expertise each year at the vintage shop all day for Reno Zombie Crawl goers.  Makeup will range from $15-$35, depending on how deep participants want their wounds. The event is a great success and has been featured globally in advertising, luring eclectic tourists to Reno.

It's Zombie Season at A Salon 7 in Reno
Yes. They Really Do Dance To Michael Jackson. The Thriller Dance Takes Place Under The Reno Arch Each Zombie Crawl.

A Salon 7 is a full-service salon and relishes in special effects, film and celebrity services.

Who, or WHAT, do YOU want to be for Halloween?

See you soon!

Your Personal Stylist

The Anti-Frizz!

Huge 80's Inspired Curly Hair!!!
Big, curly hair is IN! Frizzy hair is OUT.

How do you combat frizzy hairstyles??? With cool water and PRODUCT EXPERTISE!

 Frizzy hair is caused by an elevated cuticle in the hairshaft.  Similar to shingles on the roof of a house, the hair cuticle has little layers that overlap each other.  Hot water, chemicals and hair damage can make those layers stand open, creating roughness along each strand of hair.  This means FRIZZ.  Yuck.
No worries!  Redken has your solution and your master stylist (that’s me) will see you through it!!!  First, wash your hair with a moisturizing shampoo and conditioner that is designed for your hair condition and type.  For damaged hair, use protein-based products, for thick hair, use products with heavier moisturizers and for fine or thin hair, use a lightweight shampoo and conditioner that is professional-grade.
After shampooing, squeeze the excess water from your hair.  Hair is like a sponge and if it is sopping wet it will find it difficult to absorb your conditioner.  Work your conditioner through until your hair feels very silky.  Then rinse with COOL water until the entire temperature of your hair is cool.  This may take a minute or two.  Remember, heat expands, cool contracts.  Shiny, frizz-free hair is contracted and its cuticle is lying nice and flat.
Your next step is to gently towel-dry your hair and to apply about a quarter-sized amount of smoothing product such as All Soft Argan-6 Oil by Redken.  More hair may need more oil and fine hair may need less.  As you become comfortable with babying your hair, you will know the difference.  Comb your hair once product is applied.
Luxurious Argan-6 Oil by Redken
Luxurious and Smoothing Argan-6 Oil

DONE.  You may now wear your hair on the natural by letting it air dry (recommended on lazy days at home) or heat style as usual. Remember NEVER TO BRUSH while your hair is air-drying.  Wait until it is 100% dry and THEN tousle from the underside!  Once hair is completely dry and styled, you can polish your look with a dime-sized amount of your Argan-6 Oil.

 Did you know Redken has a rainbow of smoothing serums to choose from (true story), and they all have different key ingredients to suit YOUR beauty needs???   Ask me which Anti-Frizz is best for YOU!
Enjoy, and call me if you have questions.
Rebecca Schembri…your personal stylist!

Beauty Trends of the Apocalypse

Apocalypse-inspired looks
Alice doesn’t have time to flat-iron her hair. The coming year’s looks are likely to be natural, military, and loric.

What’s around the corner for new hair and makeup looks?  Current events and social mentality can point us in the right direction!  With rumors of a looming Mayan Apocalypse at the end of 2012, my guess is that beauty trends will reflect great change.

The word Apocalypse actually means ‘revelation’ or ‘unveiling’.  In certain families of lore, it points to a merging of the natural with the supernatural, or normalcy with the unknown.  Some stories say we will be able to see mythical characters.  Ask any human who has done a Zombie 5k , and they will tell you it’s already happening!
So then, fashion trends for the near future will likely reflect mythology and survival.  Whether caused by global warming mishaps or the Ghostbusters marshmallow guy stalking us in our own city, chaos could abound.  People won’t have time do do their hair, nor will they care how they look…they’ll be looking for food and safety.  NATURAL will be IN!
Military and futuristic corporate styles will be inspiring our runways as well, since, in any Apocalypse, peacemaking and protection by governmental and military presence is highly solicited!  Imagine runways in our STREETS after everything has blown up.  Sounds like a movie, right?  And how do THOSE GIRLS wear their hair and makeup?  They cut half of it off (asymmetrically) and slap on some black eyeliner because they are maaaad.  Look for rough cuts, natural styling, texture, waves, curls and braids and for natural or coarse makeup trends.  The military/corporate look is harsh.  Think buns, strong lines, and the American perception of German ponytails.
Where is the romanticism in this theme?  Idk if there is much love-making in an Apocalypse.  On the one hand everyone is literally fighting for their lives, on the other, biologically the human body might make one last-ditch attempt to procreate a world that is either about to be lost, or about to be born.  Hmmm.  Just in case, the romantic, sexy side of this trend would be that we will be at our athletic prime and can wear whatever we darn well please. I, for one, want the Resident Evil girl’s boots.  (I’d also like Vin Diesel by my side since HE knows how to survive an Apocalyspe!)   Just remember, trim, athletic bodies will continue to be socially acceptable!

Apocalyptic Romantic Looks
Apocalypse-inspired romantic looks are natural and slightly rugged. (Babylon A.D.)
So my thought for today is, have fun with coming trends.   Live more, smile more and dream more!  If you want to have a themed look, run with it!  Especially if there are a bunch of  zombies running  behind you! WRRRARRR!
See you soon.
Rebecca Schembri…Your Personal Stylist!