Beauty Trends for Spring and Summer 2019

Hair and Makeup by Rebecca Schembri, Breeze Salon Reno
Grunge hair is popular this decade.

For 2019, we can expect to see a lot of ORGANIC looks. From vegetable gardens to homemade furniture to knitting (yes, knitting!), I am seeing a HUGE sway towards self-sufficiency and community love…. PINTEREST is everything right now!! The Age of Aquarius is beginning to bloom and peace, community, and acceptance of self and others is in the air.

What does this mean for your hair and makeup??? Don’t panic, just practice your ohms and remember that ‘less is definitely more’ this season!

Hair by Rebecca Schembri, Breeze Salon Reno
Natural hairstyling is prominent in fashion this year as plant-based diets and organic living nudge into mainstream culture.

For my movie stars: brush out your curls and GO NATURAL! Looks are matte and have a type of glamorous/naturesque appeal, almost like old school Italy. Clothes will be classic and conservative and your hair should look a day or two past washing.

For my free-spirited lovers: you will want to look fresh and healthy and you will definitely want to get out of the bathroom!!  Try doing your hair ‘on the run’, such as with braiding and tousles that don’t require a mirror. I suspect this may be a long lasting trend so let’s brush up on our softer looks…


Published Hair and Makeup Artist, Rebecca Schembri

Rebecca Schembri



Beauty Trends of the Apocalypse

Apocalypse-inspired looks
Alice doesn’t have time to flat-iron her hair. The coming year’s looks are likely to be natural, military, and loric.

What’s around the corner for new hair and makeup looks?  Current events and social mentality can point us in the right direction!  With rumors of a looming Mayan Apocalypse at the end of 2012, my guess is that beauty trends will reflect great change.

The word Apocalypse actually means ‘revelation’ or ‘unveiling’.  In certain families of lore, it points to a merging of the natural with the supernatural, or normalcy with the unknown.  Some stories say we will be able to see mythical characters.  Ask any human who has done a Zombie 5k , and they will tell you it’s already happening!
So then, fashion trends for the near future will likely reflect mythology and survival.  Whether caused by global warming mishaps or the Ghostbusters marshmallow guy stalking us in our own city, chaos could abound.  People won’t have time do do their hair, nor will they care how they look…they’ll be looking for food and safety.  NATURAL will be IN!
Military and futuristic corporate styles will be inspiring our runways as well, since, in any Apocalypse, peacemaking and protection by governmental and military presence is highly solicited!  Imagine runways in our STREETS after everything has blown up.  Sounds like a movie, right?  And how do THOSE GIRLS wear their hair and makeup?  They cut half of it off (asymmetrically) and slap on some black eyeliner because they are maaaad.  Look for rough cuts, natural styling, texture, waves, curls and braids and for natural or coarse makeup trends.  The military/corporate look is harsh.  Think buns, strong lines, and the American perception of German ponytails.
Where is the romanticism in this theme?  Idk if there is much love-making in an Apocalypse.  On the one hand everyone is literally fighting for their lives, on the other, biologically the human body might make one last-ditch attempt to procreate a world that is either about to be lost, or about to be born.  Hmmm.  Just in case, the romantic, sexy side of this trend would be that we will be at our athletic prime and can wear whatever we darn well please. I, for one, want the Resident Evil girl’s boots.  (I’d also like Vin Diesel by my side since HE knows how to survive an Apocalyspe!)   Just remember, trim, athletic bodies will continue to be socially acceptable!

Apocalyptic Romantic Looks
Apocalypse-inspired romantic looks are natural and slightly rugged. (Babylon A.D.)
So my thought for today is, have fun with coming trends.   Live more, smile more and dream more!  If you want to have a themed look, run with it!  Especially if there are a bunch of  zombies running  behind you! WRRRARRR!
See you soon.
Rebecca Schembri…Your Personal Stylist!