Braiding and Buns

Boring buns get an upgrade in 2013 and move to the side of the head, just under the ear.  Braided or twisted, we can expect to see this trend follow us from mid-summer into the New Year.

Classy Uptown with Grunge

To do a bun, smooth your hair with your fingers or a paddle brush. Fasten at the side of your nape (back of the neck) with a cloth ponytail holder. Twist your hair around the ponytail a few times until it forms a round bun. Finish by securing your bun with hidden hair pins. Voila! Superb.

To do a braided bun, braid your hair after making the ponytail, then twist as usual.

Side Buns are Popular in 2013

This look can be messy and casual or smooth and glamorous and can be done with minimal product. Have fun trying it out!

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Men and Eyebrow Grooming

Men’s Eyebrows Should Be Well-Groomed

Dark or medium-haired men usually need a good brow grooming at least every month or two. Try a natural shape with no added arch to keep it masculine. Tweeze or wax around the brow line at the top and, if needed, under the eyebrow. Especially clean the spot in the center of the face between the two brows, known as the ‘uni-brow’ area.

After shaping, trim the brows to make them less bushy. Brush them upwards with a small bristle brush and gently trim all hairs that exceed the eyebrow line. Do the same for the underside of the brow.

Good eyebrows frame the eye and add balance . Be sure yours are doing their job!

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Deep Conditioning Your Hair

Healthy Hair is Strong and Shiny. Styling by Hair and Makeup Artist Rebecca Schembri (Reno)
If your hair is more than two inches in length and you live in dryer climates, you can use a deep conditioner once a week!  I also strongly recommend using deep conditioners to promote healing in cases of damaged hair.  For hydrated and healthy hair, a once a month deep conditioner is plenty.
In salon, this treatment can take up to an hour with application and processing time.  Your hairstylist can use professional grade/ concentrated products and sit you under medium heat.  You can also do it at home with  milder, over-the-counter formulas!
There are three kinds of deep conditioners to choose from; the one you use depends on the condition of your hair.
Reconstructing Deep Conditioners are for Damaged Hair
Protein for Damaged Hair.  These conditioners coat and fill holes in the hair much like pavers can fill potholes in the street. Too much protein can make the hair heavy and breakable which is why these type of products can only be used for a little while, until the hair’s condition improves.  Protein conditioners should not be left on overnight unless the label recommends it.
Moisturizing for Dry Hair.  Moisturizing conditioners are full of yummy stuff for the hair such as exotic oils, antioxidants and fruit-derived nutrients. You really can’t go wrong with these hair ‘fruit salads’; eat all you want!  Better put, let your hair have as much as it wants.  The only drawback to a moisturizing deep conditioning treatment is that it can weigh down fine hair.  If you have fine hair, be sure to shampoo after you deep condition. For the rest of you, rinse thoroughly in cool water!
Fine Hair Can Be Weighed Down By a Deep Condtioner. Styling by Hair and Makeup Artist Rebecca Schembri
Balancing for Brittle Hair.  Human hair lives at a Ph balance of about 4.5 to 5.5.  That means products that raise the alkalinity in hair, such as blonde haircolor and non-professional shampoos, can actually leave the hair distressed and tense, or brittle.  Balancing conditioners bring the hair’s Ph level back down to a healthy place so it can relax and be silky again.
Remember:  protein is for reconstructing damaged hair, moisturizing is to hydrate and nourish the hair, and balancing is to regulate Ph. 
Questions?  Write me!
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How to Style Fine Hair

Root Lifters Give Volume To Baby Fine Hair. Nicole Williams of State Farm Insurance Reno. Hair and Makeup By Rebecca Schembri


Most people with fine, straight hair have one general styling challenge: LACK OF VOLUME AND BODY. Here are some tips that work well.

Start with a light conditioner after shampooing. The label may read ‘light conditioner’,  ‘for volume’ or ‘for fine or thin hair’. If you live in a dry climate, be sure to compensate with a deep conditioner once a week to moisturize your scalp and ends well.

Texturizing Putty Gives Short Fine Hair Fullness and Height. Photo Ben Sumlin. Haircut, Hair and Makeup for Men by Rebecca Schembri.

For short hairstyles, use a texturizing putty to fluff and lift the hair and to give it flexible hold.  Apply a quarter-sized amount to damp hair and blow dry in all directions.  Finish with a dime-sized amount of the putty and apply in pinching and swirling movements.  Remember to rub the product in your hand to make it thin before applying!

For medium to long hairstyles, towel dry and apply a root lifter to the underside of your crown area, which is at the back of the top of your head.

Blow dry up and over the crown area and with light, lifting movements on the ends and front of your hair. This gets flat roots to dry sticking up, creating volume.

Using your curling iron, add loose curls in alternating directions by taking your hair in one inch sections. Try to do open-ended curls for a modern look. That means to clamp the curl halfway down the piece of hair, letting the ends stay out of the curl to create a square bottom. On longer hair, keep feeding the curl through after one second until you get to the square end and then gently tap the end with the clamp and release. This brings the strength of the curl up to the scalp where it is needed!

Spray Leave-In Conditioners are Lightweight Heat Protectors

Gently tousle or squeeze your curls for a sexy, flirty look or brush them out for a classy, professional feel. Do not hairspray. Remember we are creating lift with heat…hairspray will weigh it all down and take away the soft touchability of your new look.

As always, remember to use a thermal protector before you begin.


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Hair Growth and Hair Loss

Photo Mark DeFabry, Reno.  Makeup by Rebecca Schembri
Photo Mark DeFabry, Reno. Makeup by Rebecca Schembri

Let’s talk about hair growth and hair loss!

First of all, it’s normal to lose up to about 100 hairs a day.  However, if you notice more and more hair is falling out, be sure to consult your physician because you might need help curing a vitamin or nutrient deficiency.

The human scalp is full of a hundred thousand follicle holes that each grow a single strand of hair.  These holes need to BREATHE.  Use hats and hairspray SPARINGLY as these can suffocate the scalp. Wash your hair and head with light scrubbing at least once or twice a week.  Also, ONLY color your hair under the supervision of an experienced hairdresser who knows how to protect your hair’s best interests!


Healthy Hair Needs Oxygen.  Photo Jeramie Lu, Reno.  Hair and Makeup by Rebecca Schembri
Healthy Hair Needs Oxygen. Photo Jeramie Lu, Reno. Hair and Makeup by Rebecca Schembri

Ph balanced shampoos and conditioners really do make a difference.  Products in budget hair lines have too much alcohol and too much wax. This can dry out the scalp and clog it up. If you want something inexpensive, consider making your own hair cleansers and moisturizers with food products such as oranges, rosemary and olive oil!         Exercise circulates oxygen throughout your scalp and helps it to regenerate. Let’s get out there three to five times a week and grow some hair!     Nutrition is vital to healthy cell growth.  Eat a balanced diet and be sure to drink lots of water. This is what models have to do to keep their jobs (wink).

Hair fluffers actually SWELL each hair strand.  They are usually labeled as ‘thickening lotions’ or ‘volumizing treatments’ and last until the next time you shampoo.  Apply to damp hair and blow dry for best results.

Bed Head Results
Volumizing Professional Shampoo Expands and Protects the Hair


Hair growth stimulants such as Biotin are vitamin supplements that can be taken orally and make your hair, skin and nails healthier.  Beware: they can make ALL the hairs on your body grow thicker and longer so anticipate keeping up on your grooming!

Scalp stimulators are minty scalp treatments with tiny exfoliators that help to awaken clogged hair follicles with a burst of aromatherapeutic scrubbing.  These can be homemade, as well, by crushing mint into an olive oil brown sugar scrub.  Add a few drops of minty essential oil and mix.  Massage well into your scalp or add some to your shampoo!

Drug products such as Bosley, Nioxin and Rogaine are a more aggressive (and costly) way to fight thinning hair and often they do really work.  Please check with your doctor before using and know the side effects.

Engagement Pictures
Be Happy and Play! Hair and Makeup on left by Rebecca Schembri


Be happy!  Stress is a MAJOR cause of hair loss so keep going to yoga and climbing those mountains with the people you love. Relax and remember to smile; your hair needs it!


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Hair Products That Help in Summertime

Are you spending a lot of time running around playing this season and looking for compatible hairstyles? Beach bag products are hair solutions you can use on the go and without a mirror.

Sea salt spray is a texture pump spray used to help create beachy, wavy hair.   Just spray it in and scrunch for defined waves and freshness. This gets you out of the bathroom and on to your summer adventures.

Hair oil can be used easily on the hair and creates smoothness and shine. Apply to damp or dry hair from the ears down and gently shape. (Some oils are good for your skin, too, and can be used after swimming.)



For short hair, you can pack a small hair wax or putty for a quick pick me up. These waxes create texture and lift as well as control and the mini sizes keep the rest of your product at home out of the sun.


Enjoy the summer!

Rebecca from Reno

Natural Hairstyling

Cut and Shimmery babylights. Breeze Salon Reno.

It’s summertime and it is time to rest that hair. Do you know how to wear your tresses on the natural and how to style without a mirror?

Let’s recap our beauty rules for warm weather:

~ Learn how to braid. From long French braids to little front side braids, braiding makes you look pretty without the fuss, especially if you are playing outside.

~ Carry a leave-in conditioner in your beach bag. From Argon or Moroccan oil to sea sprays and curl creams, these revive and refresh your hair before and after warm weather fun.

~Use your fingers. Natural styles emphasize definition. Form and tousle your hair throughout the day, leaving that round winter brush where it belongs…in the bathroom.

~Get accessories. Pins, flowers, headbands and hats are a little party for your head and you can keep them in your bag for last minute beauty smarts.

Remember, natural styling is good for your hair. Be sure to give it the summer retreat it deserves and let it be healthy. Enjoy the season!

cropped-meghan-0532.jpg Lazy waves. Breeze Salon Reno

How To Get A Great Men’s Haircut

Gentlemen's Cuts Polish Your Look
Gentlemen’s Cuts Are Polished and Sexy

Hello, Handsome!

How do YOU know if you’re getting a GREAT Men’s Haircut?  I have the answer!

First, look for hairstylists who keep an eye out for current fashion trends so that you always have a sharp edge and crisp appeal.  He or she should always be able to tell YOU what is going on in Hollywood and in today’s media as well as regionally in the three areas of your city:  Uptown, Midtown and Downtown.

Second, keep an eye out for cleanliness.  Fresh combs and razors are basic know-how so be sure your hairstylist is on board.  Fresh towels used to steam your face should only be used for facials and should never be the same towels used for color and other chemicals.  Knowing that your hairstylist has your safety and hygiene covered helps you to RELAX and have a good time during your cut.

Finally, your stylist should always take a few minutes and do at least a mini-consultation to better understand your changing needs.  Even if you want the same haircut as last time, this is the only chance you two have to sit eye-to-eye and talk communication.


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Beauty Trends for Spring and Summer 2019

Hair and Makeup by Rebecca Schembri, Breeze Salon Reno
Grunge hair is popular this decade.

For 2019, we can expect to see a lot of ORGANIC looks. From vegetable gardens to homemade furniture to knitting (yes, knitting!), I am seeing a HUGE sway towards self-sufficiency and community love…. PINTEREST is everything right now!! The Age of Aquarius is beginning to bloom and peace, community, and acceptance of self and others is in the air.

What does this mean for your hair and makeup??? Don’t panic, just practice your ohms and remember that ‘less is definitely more’ this season!

Hair by Rebecca Schembri, Breeze Salon Reno
Natural hairstyling is prominent in fashion this year as plant-based diets and organic living nudge into mainstream culture.

For my movie stars: brush out your curls and GO NATURAL! Looks are matte and have a type of glamorous/naturesque appeal, almost like old school Italy. Clothes will be classic and conservative and your hair should look a day or two past washing.

For my free-spirited lovers: you will want to look fresh and healthy and you will definitely want to get out of the bathroom!!  Try doing your hair ‘on the run’, such as with braiding and tousles that don’t require a mirror. I suspect this may be a long lasting trend so let’s brush up on our softer looks…


Published Hair and Makeup Artist, Rebecca Schembri

Rebecca Schembri



Beauty Trends of the Apocalypse

Apocalypse-inspired looks
Alice doesn’t have time to flat-iron her hair. The coming year’s looks are likely to be natural, military, and loric.

What’s around the corner for new hair and makeup looks?  Current events and social mentality can point us in the right direction!  With rumors of a looming Mayan Apocalypse at the end of 2012, my guess is that beauty trends will reflect great change.

The word Apocalypse actually means ‘revelation’ or ‘unveiling’.  In certain families of lore, it points to a merging of the natural with the supernatural, or normalcy with the unknown.  Some stories say we will be able to see mythical characters.  Ask any human who has done a Zombie 5k , and they will tell you it’s already happening!
So then, fashion trends for the near future will likely reflect mythology and survival.  Whether caused by global warming mishaps or the Ghostbusters marshmallow guy stalking us in our own city, chaos could abound.  People won’t have time do do their hair, nor will they care how they look…they’ll be looking for food and safety.  NATURAL will be IN!
Military and futuristic corporate styles will be inspiring our runways as well, since, in any Apocalypse, peacemaking and protection by governmental and military presence is highly solicited!  Imagine runways in our STREETS after everything has blown up.  Sounds like a movie, right?  And how do THOSE GIRLS wear their hair and makeup?  They cut half of it off (asymmetrically) and slap on some black eyeliner because they are maaaad.  Look for rough cuts, natural styling, texture, waves, curls and braids and for natural or coarse makeup trends.  The military/corporate look is harsh.  Think buns, strong lines, and the American perception of German ponytails.
Where is the romanticism in this theme?  Idk if there is much love-making in an Apocalypse.  On the one hand everyone is literally fighting for their lives, on the other, biologically the human body might make one last-ditch attempt to procreate a world that is either about to be lost, or about to be born.  Hmmm.  Just in case, the romantic, sexy side of this trend would be that we will be at our athletic prime and can wear whatever we darn well please. I, for one, want the Resident Evil girl’s boots.  (I’d also like Vin Diesel by my side since HE knows how to survive an Apocalyspe!)   Just remember, trim, athletic bodies will continue to be socially acceptable!

Apocalyptic Romantic Looks
Apocalypse-inspired romantic looks are natural and slightly rugged. (Babylon A.D.)
So my thought for today is, have fun with coming trends.   Live more, smile more and dream more!  If you want to have a themed look, run with it!  Especially if there are a bunch of  zombies running  behind you! WRRRARRR!
See you soon.
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