How To Do Zombie Makeup

Easy Zombie Makeup… Check it out!


Zombie Apocalypse Reaches Reno

Breeze Salon Reno

A Salon 7 in Reno Specializes in Zombie Makeup Are YOU Ready?

Fall marks a special milestone in Reno history…in October, ZOMBIES will be invading and they will be dancing the Thriller Dance downtown!

Halloween, what lorists consider as the day the veil between the natural and unnatural is the thinnest, is usually taken with a grain of salt and exploited…for FUN! Known as the biggest spending season for adults, retail ventures know all too well the positive financial impact this holiday has on our economy.

Reno’s own Junkie Clothing Exchange is well prepared!  Located in the Midtown District on Virginia Street, it is is your one-stop shop for Halloween garb.  From wigs to accessories to abundant costume ideas, they’ve got it.

A SALON 7 is featured on Junkee’s television show Reno Style for zombie makeup. The BEST SALON IN RENO flaunts its monster makeup expertise each year at the vintage shop all day for Reno Zombie Crawl goers.  Makeup…

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Five Minute Makeup

Hair and Makeup by Rebecca Schembri for Nicole Williams State Farm Insurance

Want to be beautiful all day long in just five minutes? I can show you how.

As a makeup artist, I have to do good work quickly since YOU have places to go! Here is a beauty base you can flaunt in just minutes:

First, you will need the following items:



~Apply CONCEALER with foundation brush in the t-zone and to blemishes. Blend outwards

~Apply BRONZER with bronzing brush to all outsides of the face and neckline. Include under the cheekbone

~Apply BLUSH to apples of the cheeks. BLEND into bronzer with circular motions with a big, clean powder brush

~Apply MASCARA to both sides of top lashes and to bottom, if desired.  Two coats are great as long as you wait a minute between coats. Brush out any clumps with a dry mascara wand or lash brush

~Apply COLOR LIPGLOSS in matte or shiny

The emphasis in this look is bright skin. If you want extra beautiful, you can add on from here…especially if it’s date night.

Good luck and remember to send me your questions.

Rebecca Schembri…Your Personal Stylist /775.338.9241

Eye Shadow Expert


How do you choose your eye shadow color? If you want to bring attention to your eyes, use an opposite color from your eye color.

For green eyes, use copper, maroon, or purple.

For blue eyes, use copper, gold, peach or maroon.

For brown eyes, use green, blue, pink or purple.

If you want to bring attention to the rest of your face, such as to your lips, make your eye shadow the same color as your eyes.

For natural looks, a color wash can be a nice touch. Use a gentle, single color on your lids in matte or shimmer. Remember, shimmer shows texture so if you have fine lines, use matte shadows only.

Eye Shadow Trio

Most eye shadow palettes have matching colors in them. Use the darkest color in the crease of your eye, the medium color on the eyelid and the lightest color just under the browbone.

If you want to match your eye shadow to your outfit, do a color wash in a light color across your lids only. Be liberal but do not do a tri-color smokey eye that matches your outfit unless you want to look like 1983. Remember: modern is simple!
Tip: Doing your eyeshadow before applying your face makeup lets you clean up any color particles that may fall under your eye during application. Then you can proceed with the rest of your look.


Your Personal Stylist

Holiday Hair Ideas

Hair and Makeup by Rebecca Schembri

Need hair ideas for your holiday party? Do it big!

To create big hair, use a root lifter after shampooing and towel drying. Lift the hair that is at your crown (top back part of the head) and spray your product at the scalp from side to side. Massage in.

Using your blow dryer on high heat and speed, dry the crown section up and over to each opposite side. Be sure to jiggle your fingertips at the roots while blow drying to create uniformity.

Now add a thermal protector to the rest of your hair and finish drying.  Polish with a small amount of flat ironing (BE CAREFUL- flat ironing is hard on the hair) or do big waves with your curling iron on medium heat.

A popular addition to holiday hair is shiny, colored hair tinsel that streams from tiny knots attached to your hair. Tinsel comes in any color, is heat-safe and can be shampooed and styled.

Hair Tinsel is Fun and Festive

Big hair and tinsel give your hair a festive, grandiose appeal. Remember, the holidays are for parading and making others smile so get out there and sparkle!
Your Personal Stylist

How to Apply False Eyelashes

Hair and Makeup by Rebecca Schembri

Artificial eyelashes are a great option for sexifying your look and making your eyes look bigger. Especially fun for holiday parties, putting lashes on can be easy, if you know how.

First, get lashes that are soft and have a thin band. This makes them easier to bend to your eye shape.

Next, measure the lashes by comparing them to yours. They should not be longer than your natural lash line. If they are longer, cut them on the outside end to fit.

Apply mascara to your eyelashes. Let it dry.

Add clear or black eyelash glue, depending on your preference, to the artificial lashes. Let the glue get tacky before you adhere the band to your natural lashes.

Stick the lashes to your lashes, not to your eyelid. Press with your fingertips and let dry.

Temporary Lashes are Glamorous

Done! Now you can go party! Your lashes should stay until the morning when you gently peel them off.

Have fun!

Your Personal Stylist

Hair and Sleep



Princesses Really DO Need Their Beauty Sleep

For both women and men, having a full head of hair can be as simple as getting a good night’s sleep, regularly.

Healthy, happy and well-nourished bodies contribute to functioning hair follicles. This means that if you exercise, get good nutrition and keep the stress in your life to a positive, your hair will not only grow, it will also hold on.

Shedding or loss of hair is often due to severe demands on the body and mind.  The body thinks it is in a state of emergency and will shed or stop producing the things it doesn’t need such as hair, scalp sebum and body weight.

Making it a habit to get a good night’s rest and to exercise and eat healthy can calm your organism and encourage it to show signs of vitality.  That means you get flowy, shiny hair and healthy, glowing skin…coveted gems in the beauty world!


Having a Happy, Healthy Body Gives You Great Hair


If you spend time being healthy you will spend time looking healthy.  The old refrains ring true: you really ARE what you eat and princesses really DO need their beauty rest.



Your Personal Stylist


Note:  Hair loss is one of the first signs of stress or disease in humans.  If you are losing hair, please consult your physician and evaluate your lifestyle patterns.

Removing Eye Makeup

Hair and Makeup by Rebecca Schembri

Removing your makeup at the end of the day gives your skin a chance to breathe. It also allows you time to nourish your face with the healthy vitamins and moisturizers found in your skin care products.

To remove makeup safely, start with eye makeup remover applied to a soft cotton ball. Gently press against your eyelashes sliding off all traces of mascara. Use a clean cotton ball to do a last swipe of the entire lid and under your brow. Rinse well.

If you have oily or combination skin, wash your face with warm water and a sudsy face cleanser. If you are normal to dry, use something cream-based. Rinse and follow with a toner spritz and a good moisturizer.

Skin Care has Moisturizers and Vitamins

Remember, great skin cones to those who work at it so be sure to make this a daily routine, especially if you wear makeup.


Your Personal Stylist

Grey Blending For Men

Most men get their first grey hairs in their late twenties.

Hi Men!  Let’s talk about grey.  If you have grey hair, there are a few options for your look.  First, decide how much chrome you’d like to have in your hair.  Most men look distinguished and sexy with some grey.  It just depends on your personal preference and on your target audience (romantic, professional, young, mature, etc).

Next, talk to your hairstylist about color if you want to soften your silver.  Grey blending is the best alternative to permanent haircolor because it gently rinses out within a month.  You will never see that line of demarcation telling you it’s time for more color (and no one else will either!)   Blending is usually done at the shampoo bowl and processes in FIVE minutes before or after your haircut.  Super fast.

Grey blending can soften your look. Fancy!

Grey blending does not completely cover grey.  It simply tones the hair to give it a softer look.  If you want ALL of your greys gone, consider a permanent haircoloring service.  This takes a little bit longer than blending at the bowl, but the results are more solid and you have more color options.

Whatever your preference, your hairstylist can help…just ask!

Your Personal Stylist