Makeup Trends for Fall 2014

2014 Makeup Trend

Makeup this fall is barely noticeable with nude skin dominating the runway in 2014. The look is dewy and achieved with a shimmer-based sheer foundation or tinted moisturizer. Lips have a Victorian-era bitten feel in natural pigments of orange, red and pink. This look can be created using a small amount of lipstick towards the back of the lips and patting throughout the lips to spread. Follow up with a matte lip balm.
Continuing in last year’s appeal, the liquid eyelined wing tip is ever strong with variations of color. Look for bright blue, green or neon. Double strokes either above or below the eye are prominent.

Fall Makeup 2014

Metallic eyes are peeking through in designer lines and can be expected to stay the course of winter. Any shimmer eyeshadow palette will see you through this recurring fad.

2014 Makeup Trend

Rebecca Schembri…Your Personal Stylist

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