Fall Trends 2014

Hair and Makeup trends for the 2014 season are nude and natural and styles from the 1960’s have come back.

For makeup, dewy, flawless skin is the norm. Try sheer and iridescent tinted face creams to get the look.  Enhanced eyebrows that are filled in with an eyebrow pencil complete the look.

Eyeliner continues to be strong and in double lines or bright colors. Undereye liner is becoming popular as well.
Hair is wavy and tousled and ponytails and braids are fancy but day-old. Styles that are somewhat messy are beautiful this season.

Fall Trends 2014

The far side part continues to trend with one side of the hair exposing the ear. Buns and ponies are drawn at the extreme part and wrapped around the forehead for 60’s inspiration.

Where is the fun in all of this? Perhaps after this 60’s flashback, disco will follow. Ahem.

Photo from TIGI CopyrightColour

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