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Tips for A Great Photo Session

8 Jan

Hair and Makeup by Rebecca Schembri, Reno

Need help getting amazing pics out of your photo session? Take some tips from a professional!

First, get a great haircut that favors your face. Any experienced hairdresser can give you a new look. If you color, have your hair touched up a week in advance.

Since photography lighting will wash out your skin tone, be sure to up the vibrancy of your makeup by 25%. If you never wear makeup (men included), add some pigment to your cheecks and lips going one shade brighter than your natural coloring. A non-shimmery, colored lip balm will work for this.

Practice your model face. Take a few minutes to learn how to pose and how to do appealing facial gestures. It’ll make all the difference!


Makeup for Men by Rebecca Schembri. Photo Mark DeFabry, Reno.

And finally, get plenty of rest the night before and be sure to plan your meals and snacks so that you don’t get hungry while getting your pictures taken.

As long as you are relaxed and prepared for your photo shoot, you should get the results you want. Remember to thank your photographer!

Rebecca from Reno


Barber Shop Haircuts

4 Jan

Modern-day barber’s cuts have made a global comeback. These are from Schorem (Netherlands).

Faded pompadours, hard parts, and razor fades have hit the mainstream hard. Barber shop men’s haircuts are back! Looks ranging from the 1930’s to the 1950’s are beginning to appear in pop culture and, we have to admit, they look GOOD. Clean-shaven or shaped beards go with this image-even handlebar moustaches!

This trend is so appealing to us because it brings us back to a classic era when girls and guys, alike, dressed to impress. For young hairstylists and barbers, this is one dream come true.  Being able to help resurrect old-time, historical styles is an honor for beauty industry professionales. After all, it’s now hip to borrow from your grandfather’s style, and we like that.


Up Front pomade gel by Bed Head gives men a classy shine.

What does this mean for the average Joe? Count on your hairstylist knowing his or her stuff and on new barber shops opening in downtown and midtown sectors. If you need help choosing a great look, browse the internet for pictures and share them with your stylist.  You’ll likely need hair wax or pomade to style with, so be prepared to take some home when you get your fancy new do.


Rebecca from Reno

Pictures courtesy of TIGI and Schorem.

Wedding Makeup

2 Jan

#selfie! Wedding Hair and Makeup by Rebecca Schembri 775.338.9241

How do you choose the best makeup look for your big day? Here are some pointers…

If you want a pure and fresh look, ask your makeup artist for ‘night time natural’. This will give you a soft look that isn’t washed out in pictures. Your audience will love it.

If you want something more dramatic, ask for ‘ballroom’ makeup. This includes a sexy, smokey eye, lots of blush and contouring and a nude or natural lip. This is a great look for evening weddings and if you are comfortable wearing makeup.


Wedding Makeup by Rebecca Schembri

If you are a fashionista type, meaning you love inventing your look and keeping up with the latest trends, let your makeup artist explore some artistic looks with you. This is commonly seen at Red Carpet events and is fun and unique.

Whatever your style, remember to trust your makeup artist! As long as he or she comes well-recommended, has a great portfolio and understands your needs, you will be in excellent hands. Your pictures will turn out amazing, too.

Rebecca Schembri, Breeze Salon Reno

Wedding Hair

31 Dec
Reno / Tahoe Weddings

Wedding Makeup by Rebecca Schembri

How to choose the right wedding hair for your big day? Read on..

Bridal hair mostly depends on the type of dress the bride will wear.  If the dress is low cut or strapless, hair can be swept up to reveal the neckline or left down to showcase the hair.

A dress that is high on the neck or shoulders takes up more visual space and may look better with an updo. Backless dresses look beautiful with the hair completely pinned or off to one side, giving the wedding audience a chance to admire the bride’s beautiful skin from behind.

The idea is to keep proportion between the hair and the dress so that they compliment each other.


Bridal Makeup by Rebecca Schembri 775.338.9241

For bridesmaids, hair is similar to the bride’s and should never upstage the bridal look since the bride has center stage on this day.

Many hairstylists offer a free wedding consultation and have recommendations for other wedding needs such as makeup and photography, helping make this a day to remember.

Rebecca from Reno

Please call (775) 338-9241 or email to request your free wedding consultation.

Day-Old Braids

25 Nov
Deconstructed braids show up on the runway

Day-old braids can look slept on.

A deconstructed braid is popular this year with runway collections showing us the how-to.

Mara Hoffman’s southwestern appeal for Spring 2015 showcases a thick, wispy, I-did-my-hair-two-days-ago braid and has her audience quickly following the trend.

To do a day-old braid, dry hair without a brush using only fingers for combing. Spray in dry shampoo for matte texture and hold.

Create a braid using traditional three, four or five strand techniques and mix the braids along the way so they give a more unique and carefree mirage.

Gently deconstruct the braid with fingers by prying open and pulling at areas along the braid shaft. Finish by loosening strands around the face for framing.

A messy braid that is clean and fresh?! High five to TIGI designer Nick Irwin for this look. Now we can do our braids and sleep on them too.

Runway collection shows off messy braid

Mara Hoffman’s runway campaign for Spring 2015 includes a deconstructed ‘vacation’ braid

How to Choose the Right Shampoo

11 Nov

Winter is here and can contribute to dry or frizzy hair, depending on where you live. Are you using the right shampoo for YOU?

Rebecca From Reno


For women and men, the kind of shampoo and conditioner you use depends on your hair condition and type.

 Fine hair needs VOLUMIZING shampoo and LIGHTWEIGHT conditioner. In humid climates, you can use conditioner sparingly unless you color your hair. If you do color your hair, ask your hairstylist for a product recommendation.

If you have fine hair and live in a dry climate, use a MOISTURIZING conditioner at least once a week to nourish your scalp. Do this on days when you don’t need to style your hair since heavy conditioners can leave your hair flat.

Medium/regular hair needs a shampoo and conditioner that reflects its environment. For example, in dry climates, use a MOISTURIZING shampoo and conditioner. In humid regions, choose something sudsier like a CLARIFYING shampoo and a REGULAR conditioner. This is when you get to choose your product by smell. Yum.

Curly or frizzy hair needs MOISTURIZING shampoos and…

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How To Do Zombie Makeup

30 Oct

Easy Zombie Makeup… Check it out!

Rebecca From Reno


As a makeup and hair artist, I get to have a lot of fun doing creative things every now and then.  October is one of my favorite makeup seasons and this is not just a simple version of my zombie movie makeup, this is the real deal.  It’s easy too…it just takes practice.












zombie_makeup_reno Zombie Makeup by A Salon 7 Reno

Clear the skin area you want your zombie wound in.  Make sure it is free from hair and skin oil. Use a water/ rubbing alcohol mix to dehydrate the area.

Tear a cosmetic sponge in half. …

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