Summer Hair Accesories

Something strange happened this summer. It was as if the hair gods went on vacation and decided not to coach us on new cut and color styles.

Since this is unheard of, we were starting to freak out until we saw that one recommendation crossed all party lines: wear hair accessories.

Stretchy headbands keep your frizzies in place this summer

Here’s the recap. From runway to pop culture to college girls in the public bathroom, anything you put in your hair is fun and acceptable. Even if it’s a pink sparkly kindergartner whale headband.

Scrunchies, huge hair elastics, are trending again after 25 years of dormancy

The most recognizable advance in hair accessory usage is the famous 1980’s era scrunchie. This ruffly, fabric hair tie is on every girl’s head these days. Grab one in any color and run.

Snap clips are popular among adults this season

Along the kindergartner lines of fashion, we’ve got more: clippies are all the rage. Wear them in doubles along your bun or as cute little face framers, all we can think of is Sandra Bullock in Heat, when Melissa McCarthy rips out her bobby pins and screams that she’s not a child to be wearing these.

Mix or match your clippies and wear them in duplicates

Two of our favorite hair accessories this year are the headband bow and bedazzled bobby pins. Simple to wear, putting an already-tied bow in your hair is the fastest way to dress up your pony tail.

Headband bows are ridiculously easy

And finally, the real reason the hair gods wanted us to wear accessories this summer: sparkly statement bobby pins! Choose your catch phrase and double it up anywhere your beautiful hair desires. These guys are a treat after being forbidden fruit since 2005. Still no rhinestones on jeans back pockets, though.

Sparkly bobby pins make a statement in your hair

Enjoy the season and don’t worry, we aren’t seeing any big changes for Fall as the committee seems to still be out: the Lob and Bob are predicted. Tiny woohoo.

Rebecca Schembri is a writer and Published Hair and Makeup Artist from Reno, Nevada

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