Summer Styles

Raise your hand if you are summertime lazy this season and would rather have fun than do your daily HMU (hair/makeup) routine.

Knowing which things to focus on can make your summer easygoing. If you can put yourself together with simplicity, you’ll keep up your mood when it’s too hot to use your curl wand.

Here are some recommendations for saving time this summer:

Style Hack #1: Big Earrings and Cute Sunglasses

Sunglasses, earrings, face fringe and lipstain are a two-minute summer look

If you have either of these simple accessories in shades that flatter you, you will create summer style fast. Remember: cool skin needs colors like water, air and forest. That means silvers, blues, greens, and purples.

Warm skin needs fire and sun, so wear golds, reds, oranges, peaches and yellows. Neutrals, like true black, true white and true brown go with every skin tone.

Style Hack #2: Ponytail Wispies

Huge chunks outside of your ponytail frame your face

Your hairdresser will begin to offer them in April- these mini pieces of fringe frame the sides of your face. The current trend is thin and messy but some are still wearing last year’s face-framing: the 80’s-era chunk.

Style Hack #3: Lipstain

Lipstain is waterproof and a tiny addition to your beach bag

This miracle cosmetic lasts for days. Ok, well maybe just one day, but it really lasts all day. Apply in the morning (quickly if it is a light color, slowly if dark or bright) and you will be painted up all day. Did we say all day?

Style Hack #4: Summer Dresses

From long to short, flowy to tight, summer dresses are an easy way to look stylish

Made from lightweight material, these flowy throw-ons are extremely simple. Wear them with sandals, tennies, boots or barefoot. They are pretty and easy to throw over a bathing suit or some shorts. Go for any print you like- leopard is back, coral is on trend and tiny 1970’s flower prints are too.


Eyebrows how-to: matte eye shadow, angled brush, blend upwards

We don’t care if you are microbladed, tinted, powdered, gelled or penciled (maybe not Sharpied), if you do not wear front fringe (bangs) you really should do your eyebrows!

Lipstain and eyebrows make your look stand out

Known as the frame for the face, these potential caterpillars, when groomed, are the easiest way to look defined while wearing a summertime-no-makeup look. As industry professionals, we go for the brows first, leaving everything else second.

Have fun and enjoy your easy summer looks.

Rebecca Schembri is a Published Hair and Makeup Artist and Director of Breeze Salon in Reno, Nevada

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