The Armenian Plum – Why Apricots are Your Best Beauty Friend

Apricot Oil- What Is It?

Did you know that Apricot Oil, also known as Apricot Kernel Oil, has unique complimentary health benefits most people are unaware of? A lightweight carrier oil harvested from the pits of apricots, this kernel derivative is cold-pressed to preserve maximum vitamins and nutrients.

Apricot Oil Protects and Nourishes Hair

The prunus armeniaca, or apricot tree, has been cultivated since ancient times primarily in its native region, Armenia. Also familiar to China and India, determining its origin is a popular debate, since the apricot’s benefits and uses have been employed worldwide for centuries. Egyptians commonly made juice from the apricot while 17th century English settlers used its oil to reduce inflammation. Currently, apricots are widely produced in Turkey, Uzbekistan, Iran and Italy, thus the term β€˜Turkish’ apricots.

Benefits and Uses:


Traditionally, apricots are consumed in raw fruit form as they are low in calories and high in fiber. Modern-day cultivation reaps the oils for many uses including culinary, and cosmetic or topical applications. High in vitamins A, C, E and K, Apricot Kernel Oil is extremely helpful for smoothing out skin blemishes and for moisturizing and anti-aging. Used as a medical aid, it helps prevent hair loss when massaged into the scalp and accelerates healing on wounds. Taken internally, Apricot Oil supports the immune system.

Moisturizes Skin:

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Adding Apricot Oil to your skincare regimen will add hydration and a glowy, fresh skin tone. The emollient properties found in apricot oil can help to exfoliate and moisturize the skin, getting rid of dry, tight, and itchy skin. Additionally, applying apricot oil in a thick layer as a facial mask can leave you with silky, supple, and evenly toned skin.

Improves Hair Health:

Hair and Makeup by Rebecca Schembri, Breeze Salon Reno

Because environmental factors cause your hair to look thin and dull, maintaining shiny, thick, long hair as the ultimate symbol of health and vitality can be difficult. To achieve your hair goals, rub apricot oil into your scalp to strengthen weak hair strands and to prevent hair loss. Mix Apricot Oil, your carrier, with a few drops of any essential oil such as Lavender or Ylang-Ylang and massage into your scalp to enjoy its numerous benefits. Additionally, 5 drops of Apricot Kernel Oil can be mixed with 5 drops of Ylang-Ylang Essential Oil and blended with a mild, natural shampoo and conditioner to relieve itchiness, prevent split ends, postpone greying, and introduce bounce and shine, regulating the growth of nourished, lustrous hair.

Improves Respiratory Health:


Taking care of your health is a crucial part of living. By adding Apricot Oil to your medicine cabinet, you will be one step closer to living your dream as a healthy individual. Many natural healers recommend apricot oil to support and protect respiratory function. Using an aromatic diffuser with Apricot Oil can reduce inflammation and help you breathe easier. For extra soothing, add the following to a steaming bowl of filtered water and indulge in a few minutes of steam inhalation: 4 drops Apricot Oil, 2 drops Peppermint Essential Oil and 2 drops Black Pepper Essential Oil. This blend can also be massaged onto your temples, chest and throat for respiratory relaxation.

Promotes Eye Health:

Balayage is smudging lightener after the root line. Breeze Salon Reno

Since getting enough exposure to vitamins and minerals is an important part of staying healthy, taking a closer look at the benefits of Apricot Kernel Oil is smart. Rich in vitamin A, according to recent studies this oil is a great source for targeting eye health, boosting your vision and preventing dry eyes. With a handful of dried apricots fulfilling your daily requirements for vitamin A, it is is paramount in helping you succeed in your journey to find and keep health.

Slows Aging:

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Most people want to look young and fresh and, with the passage of time, begin to use wrinkle creams, eye serums, and other anti-aging products. Did you know that Apricot Kernel Oil is a natural remedy for people suffering from premature aging and wrinkles? A study published in South Africa by North West University agrees. Researches from the study, facilitated by the Centre of Excellence in Pharmaceutical Sciences, say that Apricot Oil really does tighten and tone your skin.

Get Started:

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Apricots are beneficial in many ways. They contain antioxidants and vitamins, are great for your health and easy to find. Start eating them today and opt for this carrier oil as your next addition to your beauty and healthcare routine.

Published Hair and Makeup Artist Rebecca Schembri
Rebecca Schembri is a Published Hair and Makeup Artist and Director of Breeze Salon in Reno, Nevada

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