Natural Curls are Prominent in Global Beauty

Ironing out stubborn natural curl has become a thing of the past, as we see winners emerge with bold ambition to nurture and wear what they were born with-a beautiful mane of hair.

With Oscar and Emmy nominations for movies and shows that sport curly, fluffy hair, such as in Black Panther and Game of Thrones, natural curls have made a modern-day appearance in the mainstream beauty industry.

From brushing out curls to wearing them for formal events (an old no-no in the styling realm), curly-haired dames are letting their inner goddesses soar, naturally.

This trend has been seen at awards ceremonies all year and is permeating events such as the recent Miss USA Pageant, held in Reno, Nevada. Crownwinner Chelsie Kryst from North Carolina shocked the public with a gorgeous natural head of black, curly and unironed hair. Expressing her look in queenly poise, her stage presence was reminiscent of Motown great, Diana Ross.

How do you embrace your curls? The biggest lesson is to never touch your wet hair until 100% dry. Then you can fluff, scrunch, brush or shake out all you like. Using shampoo only once a week is important for curly hair, as it is naturally dryer than straight hair.

Be sure your products are heavy for moisturizing and frizz-control, and underrinse your conditioner when finishing your shower time. The residual effect will smooth curls and weigh them down. Always rinse in cool water.

Game of Thrones has 47 Emmy Awards

Many will wet their hair at night, add a leave in conditioner, then wrap their hair in a thin t-shirt or towel to allow it to dry while they sleep.

Patience is a must. Trusting the long process of waiting for your hair to dry can be hard, but it is worth it. Ask Miss USA.

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