Makeup for Camera

How do you look good on television? Exaggerate the lines.

Here, on Financial Expert Frances Newton Stacy, I drove home the contouring.

That means, in a shade two or three times darker than her skin tone, I brushed lines under her cheekbones and in a frame around her face, remembering the neckline since her dress exposed skin on her chest.

Patricia Steuer on Andrea Mitchell MSNBC

I applied once, then blended with a fat brush, then I applied again softly without blending. This method works on all female talents.

Attorney Jill-Wine Banks on MSNBC

Defined and blended eyebrows are mandatory for camera makeup. First use a neutral taupe color with definition, then gently brush the edges to soften.

Stock Expert Frances Newton Stacy on Fox Business

Artificial lashes really bring out the eyes. For television, I prefer ‘daytime thick’. That means the lashes are black and thick but subtle enough for close-ups.

For men, smoothing any blotchiness on their skin is key. They also get a contouring color, but instead of using it to frame the face, I add matte bronzer on their protruding facial bones, forehead, cheekbones, and bridge of the nose to create a healthy look.

Philanthropist Tom Steyer on MSNBC

DIY: Can you do this on your own? Yes! But you need a lot of practice. A good makeup artist can do a full look in fifteen minutes. For amateurs, it can take over an hour.

Actor and Gaming expert Tian Wang for Fox Business

Using professional-grade makeup, which has a higher price point, is necessary for any polished makeup look. It lasts for 12-14 hours and goes on with precision, saving you time.

Also, every studio lighting is different-be sure to calculate in the warm, cool, high, low, bright or dark lights into your color choices.

Makeup done by Rebecca Schembri in Reno, Nevada for remote to New York.

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