New Female Hair Trend: Shaved Heads

New York- Hairdressers worldwide are bracing for a huge change in the beauty industry this season. HOLOGRAM HAIRSTYLES are making their way into the mainstream with women in major cities shaving their heads to be able to wear them.

“We are just ecstatic”, the lead hair designer at Habs, Inc. reported. “This will bring so much freedom, so much change!”

The hologram hairstyles will be adjustable, with many color and haircut selections available to each client. Hairdressers will not be completely out of their jobs over this as the design must be chosen and formulated by a licensed stylist.

The hologram works via a Bluetooth connection to a mobile smartphone. One drawback is keeping the phone charged.

“We have solar and lunar-powered units in the works. Soon the devices will not need to be charged manually.”

Reports are confirmed that at least 18 percent of women in metropolitan areas have had their heads shaved this month alone, because of the trend.





Rebecca from Reno

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