Barber Shop Haircuts

4 Jan

Modern-day barber’s cuts have made a global comeback. These are from Schorem (Netherlands).

Faded pompadours, hard parts, and razor fades have hit the mainstream hard. Barber shop men’s haircuts are back! Looks ranging from the 1930’s to the 1950’s are beginning to appear in pop culture and, we have to admit, they look GOOD. Clean-shaven or shaped beards go with this image-even handlebar moustaches!

This trend is so appealing to us because it brings us back to a classic era when girls and guys, alike, dressed to impress. For young hairstylists and barbers, this is one dream come true.  Being able to help resurrect old-time, historical styles is an honor for beauty industry professionales. After all, it’s now hip to borrow from your grandfather’s style, and we like that.


Up Front pomade gel by Bed Head gives men a classy shine.

What does this mean for the average Joe? Count on your hairstylist knowing his or her stuff and on new barber shops opening in downtown and midtown sectors. If you need help choosing a great look, browse the internet for pictures and share them with your stylist.  You’ll likely need hair wax or pomade to style with, so be prepared to take some home when you get your fancy new do.


Rebecca from Reno

Pictures courtesy of TIGI and Schorem.


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