Zombie Apocalypse Reaches Reno

Breeze Salon Reno

A Salon 7 in Reno Specializes in Zombie Makeup Are YOU Ready?

Fall marks a special milestone in Reno history…in October, ZOMBIES will be invading and they will be dancing the Thriller Dance downtown!

Halloween, what lorists consider as the day the veil between the natural and unnatural is the thinnest, is usually taken with a grain of salt and exploited…for FUN! Known as the biggest spending season for adults, retail ventures know all too well the positive financial impact this holiday has on our economy.

Reno’s own Junkie Clothing Exchange is well prepared!  Located in the Midtown District on Virginia Street, it is is your one-stop shop for Halloween garb.  From wigs to accessories to abundant costume ideas, they’ve got it.

A SALON 7 is featured on Junkee’s television show Reno Style for zombie makeup. The BEST SALON IN RENO flaunts its monster makeup expertise each year at the vintage shop all day for Reno Zombie Crawl goers.  Makeup…

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