How to Choose the Right Shampoo

12 Dec


For women and men, the kind of shampoo and conditioner you use depends on your hair condition and type.

 Fine hair needs VOLUMIZING shampoo and LIGHTWEIGHT conditioner. In humid climates, you can use conditioner sparingly unless you color your hair. If you do color your hair, ask your hairstylist for a product recommendation.

If you have fine hair and live in a dry climate, use a MOISTURIZING conditioner at least once a week to nourish your scalp. Do this on days when you don’t need to style your hair since heavy conditioners can leave your hair flat.

Medium/regular hair needs a shampoo and conditioner that reflects its environment. For example, in dry climates, use a MOISTURIZING shampoo and conditioner. In humid regions, choose something sudsier like a CLARIFYING shampoo and a REGULAR conditioner. This is when you get to choose your product by smell. Yum.

Curly or frizzy hair needs MOISTURIZING shampoos and conditioners that have extra emollients such as Moroccan oil, argan oil, macadamia oil etc. These help to smooth the hair by adding moisture, weight and shine.


Hair and Makeup by Rebecca Schembri, Reno

Once you know what type of hair you have, determine the condition of your hair:

Oily hair needs a CLARIFYING shampoo and a LIGHTWEIGHT conditioner. Also, consider a DRY SHAMPOO for in-between washes. Dry shampoo is a powder spray that suspends scalp oiliness into fluff! It’s a miracle product.

Dry hair needs a MOISTURIZING shampoo and conditioner and weekly deep-conditioning treatments. You can make your own DEEP-CONDITIONER by adding moisturizing oil to your regular conditioner, mixing and applying to shampooed, towel-dried hair. Let the treatment sit for an hour or overnight, depending on the season and your comfort level, then rinse with cool water.

Damaged hair needs PROTEIN shampoo and conditioner to repair porosity and to coat weak strands so they don’t break. Remember to deep-condition, too.

Good luck!

Rebecca Schembri, Breeze Salon


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