Holiday Hair Ideas

Hair and Makeup by Rebecca Schembri

Need hair ideas for your holiday party? Do it big!

To create big hair, use a root lifter after shampooing and towel drying. Lift the hair that is at your crown (top back part of the head) and spray your product at the scalp from side to side. Massage in.

Using your blow dryer on high heat and speed, dry the crown section up and over to each opposite side. Be sure to jiggle your fingertips at the roots while blow drying to create uniformity.

Now add a thermal protector to the rest of your hair and finish drying.  Polish with a small amount of flat ironing (BE CAREFUL- flat ironing is hard on the hair) or do big waves with your curling iron on medium heat.

A popular addition to holiday hair is shiny, colored hair tinsel that streams from tiny knots attached to your hair. Tinsel comes in any color, is heat-safe and can be shampooed and styled.

Hair Tinsel is Fun and Festive

Big hair and tinsel give your hair a festive, grandiose appeal. Remember, the holidays are for parading and making others smile so get out there and sparkle!
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