Halloween Glitter Looks

15 Oct

How to Use Face Glitter and Stones


Rhinestones Stick with Eyelash Glue

Shimmery eyeshadow


Mini rhinestones


Clear eyelash glue

Blow dryer


Face glitter and little rhinestones are a fun way to create a special makeup look.  Here’s how you do it:

First, do your face makeup and leave the glitter and stones until the end.

Start with a shimmer wash if you are age 30 or younger.  Use your finger and spread eyeshadow shimmer around the area you want to decorate.  If you are age 30 or older, skip this step because the shimmer could make your skin look textured.

Applying glitter: With a brush or cotton applicator, apply a thin layer of eyelash adhesive over a small part of the shimmer wash to the area you want glitter on.  Add your glitter.  Use your blow dryer on the cool setting to dust off excess glitter.  Remember to close your eyes!

Note: Glitter alone makes a big statement so keep it simple when selecting your colors; one or two are plenty!


Fairy-Inspired Makeup is Glittery and Soft

How to apply rhinestones: Squeeze a small ball of clear eyelash glue onto a neutral surface and let it dry for about 30 seconds until tacky.  Using your tweezers, grab each stone and dip the back side in the glue, then apply to your face.  This glue is easily removable and won’t irritate the skin.  Plus, it lasts all night!

If you want glitter around your eyes, be sure to use FIBER glitter since it is safe for the eye area. If you wear contact lenses use shimmer and rhinestones at your eye area and keep the glitter way away from your eyes.  Be sure to remove your contacts immediately if any glitter gets in your eye.


Heart Lip with Little Rhinestones

Where to buy: You can get your glitter and rhinestones at any craft store or just by shopping around at discount stores or online.  There IS a difference between regular glitter and fancier glitters so don’t be afraid to splurge if it’s within your budget.  Clear eyelash adhesive is sold online and at any drugstore.

Have fun and be glittery!

Your Personal Stylist 




Glitter Wash


Glitter with Lashes and Rhinestones


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