Fashion Trends

5 Sep

Fall’s beauty trends are giving us natural appeal and a continuation of 2013’s taste for simplicity versus Old Hollywood.

Similar to the beauty chasm between the rich and poor in last year’s The Hunger Games, fashion this season is a teeter totter of extremes. Look for braids (still), ponytails, buns, short bangs and even texturized BOWL CUTS, offset by glam looks from fifty years ago.


Bowl-Cut and Mullet-Inspired Short Hair

Expect to see a lot of stark, middle parts and soft, touchable hair. This hippie-inspired mentality began last spring and reflects free will and community, or the coming of a new age.

Side parts, for those that do not participate, are also very extreme.


Cool Gold Hair with Middle Part

For glamorous looks we can enjoy sixties Hollywood glamour and some GOLDEN hair color. Not into warm golds? Try new ICY GOLDS which complement cool skin tones. Think Marilyn and Motown for hairstyles.

Vintage_Hollywood_ Glam

Vintage Hollywood Glam

Clothing has another round of  modernistic, flowy looks and lots of uptown texture like wool blends and tight, Old-Europe-inspired patterns. Classic is IN! These styles are worn separately, so far.

Makeup looks are matte but sometimes shiny on the lips.  Adults are seeing a lot of red lips with natural makeup.


Red Lips and Natural Hair

Teenagers are still in love with Edward and are wearing a lot of vampy black eyeliner with red lips for their daytime look and they have brought back the mullet sans Joe Dirt.  Interesting!

What’s next for 2014? My guess is WWII military-inspired looks are going to keep climbing. Hippie trends will continue to shadow the mainstream and hair may be going short for an eighties reprise (long sigh). Take note at Beyonce, Rhianna, Anne Hathaway and, yes, Miley Cyrus.  Master magician Criss Angel has even cut HIS hair this year.  Are YOU ready?


Criss Angel’s New Look is Fresh, Classic and On-Trend for 2013

Enjoy being fashionable!

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