Deep Conditioning Your Hair

Healthy Hair is Strong and Shiny. Styling by Hair and Makeup Artist Rebecca Schembri (Reno)
If your hair is more than two inches in length and you live in dryer climates, you can use a deep conditioner once a week!  I also strongly recommend using deep conditioners to promote healing in cases of damaged hair.  For hydrated and healthy hair, a once a month deep conditioner is plenty.
In salon, this treatment can take up to an hour with application and processing time.  Your hairstylist can use professional grade/ concentrated products and sit you under medium heat.  You can also do it at home with  milder, over-the-counter formulas!
There are three kinds of deep conditioners to choose from; the one you use depends on the condition of your hair.
Reconstructing Deep Conditioners are for Damaged Hair
Protein for Damaged Hair.  These conditioners coat and fill holes in the hair much like pavers can fill potholes in the street. Too much protein can make the hair heavy and breakable which is why these type of products can only be used for a little while, until the hair’s condition improves.  Protein conditioners should not be left on overnight unless the label recommends it.
Moisturizing for Dry Hair.  Moisturizing conditioners are full of yummy stuff for the hair such as exotic oils, antioxidants and fruit-derived nutrients. You really can’t go wrong with these hair ‘fruit salads’; eat all you want!  Better put, let your hair have as much as it wants.  The only drawback to a moisturizing deep conditioning treatment is that it can weigh down fine hair.  If you have fine hair, be sure to shampoo after you deep condition. For the rest of you, rinse thoroughly in cool water!
Fine Hair Can Be Weighed Down By a Deep Condtioner. Styling by Hair and Makeup Artist Rebecca Schembri
Balancing for Brittle Hair.  Human hair lives at a Ph balance of about 4.5 to 5.5.  That means products that raise the alkalinity in hair, such as blonde haircolor and non-professional shampoos, can actually leave the hair distressed and tense, or brittle.  Balancing conditioners bring the hair’s Ph level back down to a healthy place so it can relax and be silky again.
Remember:  protein is for reconstructing damaged hair, moisturizing is to hydrate and nourish the hair, and balancing is to regulate Ph. 
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