Hair Growth and Hair Loss

Photo Mark DeFabry, Reno.  Makeup by Rebecca Schembri
Photo Mark DeFabry, Reno. Makeup by Rebecca Schembri

Let’s talk about hair growth and hair loss!

First of all, it’s normal to lose up to about 100 hairs a day.  However, if you notice more and more hair is falling out, be sure to consult your physician because you might need help curing a vitamin or nutrient deficiency.

The human scalp is full of a hundred thousand follicle holes that each grow a single strand of hair.  These holes need to BREATHE.  Use hats and hairspray SPARINGLY as these can suffocate the scalp. Wash your hair and head with light scrubbing at least once or twice a week.  Also, ONLY color your hair under the supervision of an experienced hairdresser who knows how to protect your hair’s best interests!


Healthy Hair Needs Oxygen.  Photo Jeramie Lu, Reno.  Hair and Makeup by Rebecca Schembri
Healthy Hair Needs Oxygen. Photo Jeramie Lu, Reno. Hair and Makeup by Rebecca Schembri

Ph balanced shampoos and conditioners really do make a difference.  Products in budget hair lines have too much alcohol and too much wax. This can dry out the scalp and clog it up. If you want something inexpensive, consider making your own hair cleansers and moisturizers with food products such as oranges, rosemary and olive oil!         Exercise circulates oxygen throughout your scalp and helps it to regenerate. Let’s get out there three to five times a week and grow some hair!     Nutrition is vital to healthy cell growth.  Eat a balanced diet and be sure to drink lots of water. This is what models have to do to keep their jobs (wink).

Hair fluffers actually SWELL each hair strand.  They are usually labeled as ‘thickening lotions’ or ‘volumizing treatments’ and last until the next time you shampoo.  Apply to damp hair and blow dry for best results.

Bed Head Results
Volumizing Professional Shampoo Expands and Protects the Hair


Hair growth stimulants such as Biotin are vitamin supplements that can be taken orally and make your hair, skin and nails healthier.  Beware: they can make ALL the hairs on your body grow thicker and longer so anticipate keeping up on your grooming!

Scalp stimulators are minty scalp treatments with tiny exfoliators that help to awaken clogged hair follicles with a burst of aromatherapeutic scrubbing.  These can be homemade, as well, by crushing mint into an olive oil brown sugar scrub.  Add a few drops of minty essential oil and mix.  Massage well into your scalp or add some to your shampoo!

Drug products such as Bosley, Nioxin and Rogaine are a more aggressive (and costly) way to fight thinning hair and often they do really work.  Please check with your doctor before using and know the side effects.

Engagement Pictures
Be Happy and Play! Hair and Makeup on left by Rebecca Schembri


Be happy!  Stress is a MAJOR cause of hair loss so keep going to yoga and climbing those mountains with the people you love. Relax and remember to smile; your hair needs it!


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