Boudoir Pictures

Jack Draws Rose
Jack Draws Rose in Her Boudoir. (The Titanic)

Remember, in the movie Titanic, when Rose posed sexily for Jack while he drew her in a picture?  Remember how when she saw it again 60 years later she chuckled at how hot she was back then?  I think of boudoir pictures as a great way for us to remember just how very special we are…even without all of our fancy clothes!

What should you wear? Things that make you feel good!

Hair and Makeup by Rebecca Schembri
2013. Photo Cat Pettus. Hair and Makeup by Rebecca Schembri

As for hair and makeup, most of my clients prefer ‘Victoria’s Secret’ sexy hair for their shoots.  It’s tousled waves with little sign of styling…just gorgeous!  This touchable hair (no hairspray) lets you roll around all you want to get that perfect pose.  I create open-ended curls in alternating one-inch sections.  If you have fine hair that struggles to hold a curl, you can pin each curl until it cools.  Remember to smile with your eyes and wear extra makeup since camera lighting will soften your colors!

Have fun, and send me your questions!

Your Personal Stylist

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