Summer Hair Accesories

Something strange happened this summer. It was as if the hair gods went on vacation and decided not to coach us on new cut and color styles.

Since this is unheard of, we were starting to freak out until we saw that one recommendation crossed all party lines: wear hair accessories.

Stretchy headbands keep your frizzies in place this summer

Here’s the recap. From runway to pop culture to college girls in the public bathroom, anything you put in your hair is fun and acceptable. Even if it’s a pink sparkly kindergartner whale headband.

Scrunchies, huge hair elastics, are trending again after 25 years of dormancy

The most recognizable advance in hair accessory usage is the famous 1980’s era scrunchie. This ruffly, fabric hair tie is on every girl’s head these days. Grab one in any color and run.

Snap clips are popular among adults this season

Along the kindergartner lines of fashion, we’ve got more: clippies are all the rage. Wear them in doubles along your bun or as cute little face framers, all we can think of is Sandra Bullock in Heat, when Melissa McCarthy rips out her bobby pins and screams that she’s not a child to be wearing these.

Mix or match your clippies and wear them in duplicates

Two of our favorite hair accessories this year are the headband bow and bedazzled bobby pins. Simple to wear, putting an already-tied bow in your hair is the fastest way to dress up your pony tail.

Headband bows are ridiculously easy

And finally, the real reason the hair gods wanted us to wear accessories this summer: sparkly statement bobby pins! Choose your catch phrase and double it up anywhere your beautiful hair desires. These guys are a treat after being forbidden fruit since 2005. Still no rhinestones on jeans back pockets, though.

Sparkly bobby pins make a statement in your hair

Enjoy the season and don’t worry, we aren’t seeing any big changes for Fall as the committee seems to still be out: the Lob and Bob are predicted. Tiny woohoo.

Rebecca Schembri is a writer and Published Hair and Makeup Artist from Reno, Nevada

Summer Styles

Raise your hand if you are summertime lazy this season and would rather have fun than do your daily HMU (hair/makeup) routine.

Knowing which things to focus on can make your summer easygoing. If you can put yourself together with simplicity, you’ll keep up your mood when it’s too hot to use your curl wand.

Here are some recommendations for saving time this summer:

Style Hack #1: Big Earrings and Cute Sunglasses

Sunglasses, earrings, face fringe and lipstain are a two-minute summer look

If you have either of these simple accessories in shades that flatter you, you will create summer style fast. Remember: cool skin needs colors like water, air and forest. That means silvers, blues, greens, and purples.

Warm skin needs fire and sun, so wear golds, reds, oranges, peaches and yellows. Neutrals, like true black, true white and true brown go with every skin tone.

Style Hack #2: Ponytail Wispies

Huge chunks outside of your ponytail frame your face

Your hairdresser will begin to offer them in April- these mini pieces of fringe frame the sides of your face. The current trend is thin and messy but some are still wearing last year’s face-framing: the 80’s-era chunk.

Style Hack #3: Lipstain

Lipstain is waterproof and a tiny addition to your beach bag

This miracle cosmetic lasts for days. Ok, well maybe just one day, but it really lasts all day. Apply in the morning (quickly if it is a light color, slowly if dark or bright) and you will be painted up all day. Did we say all day?

Style Hack #4: Summer Dresses

From long to short, flowy to tight, summer dresses are an easy way to look stylish

Made from lightweight material, these flowy throw-ons are extremely simple. Wear them with sandals, tennies, boots or barefoot. They are pretty and easy to throw over a bathing suit or some shorts. Go for any print you like- leopard is back, coral is on trend and tiny 1970’s flower prints are too.


Eyebrows how-to: matte eye shadow, angled brush, blend upwards

We don’t care if you are microbladed, tinted, powdered, gelled or penciled (maybe not Sharpied), if you do not wear front fringe (bangs) you really should do your eyebrows!

Lipstain and eyebrows make your look stand out

Known as the frame for the face, these potential caterpillars, when groomed, are the easiest way to look defined while wearing a summertime-no-makeup look. As industry professionals, we go for the brows first, leaving everything else second.

Have fun and enjoy your easy summer looks.

Rebecca Schembri is a Published Hair and Makeup Artist and Director of Breeze Salon in Reno, Nevada

The Armenian Plum – Why Apricots are Your Best Beauty Friend

Apricot Oil- What Is It?

Did you know that Apricot Oil, also known as Apricot Kernel Oil, has unique complimentary health benefits most people are unaware of? A lightweight carrier oil harvested from the pits of apricots, this kernel derivative is cold-pressed to preserve maximum vitamins and nutrients.

Apricot Oil Protects and Nourishes Hair

The prunus armeniaca, or apricot tree, has been cultivated since ancient times primarily in its native region, Armenia. Also familiar to China and India, determining its origin is a popular debate, since the apricot’s benefits and uses have been employed worldwide for centuries. Egyptians commonly made juice from the apricot while 17th century English settlers used its oil to reduce inflammation. Currently, apricots are widely produced in Turkey, Uzbekistan, Iran and Italy, thus the term ‘Turkish’ apricots.

Benefits and Uses:


Traditionally, apricots are consumed in raw fruit form as they are low in calories and high in fiber. Modern-day cultivation reaps the oils for many uses including culinary, and cosmetic or topical applications. High in vitamins A, C, E and K, Apricot Kernel Oil is extremely helpful for smoothing out skin blemishes and for moisturizing and anti-aging. Used as a medical aid, it helps prevent hair loss when massaged into the scalp and accelerates healing on wounds. Taken internally, Apricot Oil supports the immune system.

Moisturizes Skin:

Spa Flower

Adding Apricot Oil to your skincare regimen will add hydration and a glowy, fresh skin tone. The emollient properties found in apricot oil can help to exfoliate and moisturize the skin, getting rid of dry, tight, and itchy skin. Additionally, applying apricot oil in a thick layer as a facial mask can leave you with silky, supple, and evenly toned skin.

Improves Hair Health:

Hair and Makeup by Rebecca Schembri, Breeze Salon Reno

Because environmental factors cause your hair to look thin and dull, maintaining shiny, thick, long hair as the ultimate symbol of health and vitality can be difficult. To achieve your hair goals, rub apricot oil into your scalp to strengthen weak hair strands and to prevent hair loss. Mix Apricot Oil, your carrier, with a few drops of any essential oil such as Lavender or Ylang-Ylang and massage into your scalp to enjoy its numerous benefits. Additionally, 5 drops of Apricot Kernel Oil can be mixed with 5 drops of Ylang-Ylang Essential Oil and blended with a mild, natural shampoo and conditioner to relieve itchiness, prevent split ends, postpone greying, and introduce bounce and shine, regulating the growth of nourished, lustrous hair.

Improves Respiratory Health:


Taking care of your health is a crucial part of living. By adding Apricot Oil to your medicine cabinet, you will be one step closer to living your dream as a healthy individual. Many natural healers recommend apricot oil to support and protect respiratory function. Using an aromatic diffuser with Apricot Oil can reduce inflammation and help you breathe easier. For extra soothing, add the following to a steaming bowl of filtered water and indulge in a few minutes of steam inhalation: 4 drops Apricot Oil, 2 drops Peppermint Essential Oil and 2 drops Black Pepper Essential Oil. This blend can also be massaged onto your temples, chest and throat for respiratory relaxation.

Promotes Eye Health:

Balayage is smudging lightener after the root line. Breeze Salon Reno

Since getting enough exposure to vitamins and minerals is an important part of staying healthy, taking a closer look at the benefits of Apricot Kernel Oil is smart. Rich in vitamin A, according to recent studies this oil is a great source for targeting eye health, boosting your vision and preventing dry eyes. With a handful of dried apricots fulfilling your daily requirements for vitamin A, it is is paramount in helping you succeed in your journey to find and keep health.

Slows Aging:

Breeze Salon Reno

Most people want to look young and fresh and, with the passage of time, begin to use wrinkle creams, eye serums, and other anti-aging products. Did you know that Apricot Kernel Oil is a natural remedy for people suffering from premature aging and wrinkles? A study published in South Africa by North West University agrees. Researches from the study, facilitated by the Centre of Excellence in Pharmaceutical Sciences, say that Apricot Oil really does tighten and tone your skin.

Get Started:

Flowers Rebecca From reno

Apricots are beneficial in many ways. They contain antioxidants and vitamins, are great for your health and easy to find. Start eating them today and opt for this carrier oil as your next addition to your beauty and healthcare routine.

Published Hair and Makeup Artist Rebecca Schembri
Rebecca Schembri is a Published Hair and Makeup Artist and Director of Breeze Salon in Reno, Nevada

Organic Skin Care Has Delicious Ingredients

As our world continues to change more than ever due to globalization and a projected 5 billion internet users in the near future, one idea remains clear: consumers want healthier food and cosmetic choices.

With the information revolution reaching never-before-seen access to anything in question, humanity has one scary task amidst the barrage of trade secrets revealed. People must choose what they want.

Freedom comes with consequences, however, as behavioral experts say having to choose is causing mass depression in modern day society. Take cosmetics, case in point: the Kardashian/Instagram full makeup following argues that moisturizer, primer, concealer, foundation, contour, powder, highlighter, eye shadow, eyeliner, lipliner, lipstick and false lashes are great for a day look. Ten-year olds are doing this in YouTube videos and posting for everyone to see.

Most of the people I know and follow disagree with that mantra. Makeup has its place for special events, but with many of our parents (and even some of us) coming down with cancer after middle age, it raises the question as to what and how much we should or should not be using on our bodies.

If you make a lotion for dry skin that has only three edible ingredients in it, will it be effective and could it reduce the risk of generating disease in our bodies? Since the whole world is posting their secrets online, it is easy to find out.

Shea butter, coconut, avocado and essential oils have distinct healing properties when used in longevity. Containing vitamins, antioxidants, fatty acids and antiseptic benefits, it doesn’t take a scientist to create a serum that works for your skin type.

Safe to eat in most circumstances, making your own skin products is like deciding whether to eat in or dine out for the evening. Do you have time and the inclination to gather ingredients and learn a recipe? If so, go searching. You’ll find a myriad of them online.

If making your own body butter seems like a lot, consider supporting your local vendors by frequenting farmer’s markets and craft fairs. Even more convenient, Etsy is a platform that only sells homemade products, giving you a chance to meet the maker of your food-grade skin care while ordering online.

Rebecca Schembri is a Published Hair and Makeup Artist and Director of Breeze Salon in Reno, Nevada

Good Makeup Is Easy

Did you know that good makeup is really simple? Understanding where to highlight and where to shadow is key
Also using matte (non-shimmery) makeup is flattering for any skin over 30 years of age

This is because shimmer magnifies fine lines and skin texture
Making wrinkles more prominent (stand out more)
Not that there’s anything wrong with wrinkles-every human gets them
But our culture values soft, clear skin, and minimizing fine lines makes you seem fresh, healthy, and competent
This adds to your likeability and helps you attract others

A highlighter that is one shade lighter than your skin tone lifts your features
Use it in concealer, foundation, or powder around your face in a C-shape framing your eyes, on top of your cheekbones, down your nose (if proportional and narrow,) and under your eyes,
including at your tear duct and just under the arch of your brow
Shadowing, or contour, is used to frame your face

Similar to a picture frame around beautiful art
Use it to diminish the appearance of extra skin under your chin too
Smooth your eyebrows with wax and moisturize your lips to finish
Easy! Remember: highlighter makes bigger and shadowing makes smaller


Rebecca Schembri is a Published Hair and Makeup Artist and Director of Breeze Salon in Reno, Nevada, USA.

Natural Curls are Prominent in Global Beauty

Ironing out stubborn natural curl has become a thing of the past, as we see winners emerge with bold ambition to nurture and wear what they were born with-a beautiful mane of hair.

With Oscar and Emmy nominations for movies and shows that sport curly, fluffy hair, such as in Black Panther and Game of Thrones, natural curls have made a modern-day appearance in the mainstream beauty industry.

From brushing out curls to wearing them for formal events (an old no-no in the styling realm), curly-haired dames are letting their inner goddesses soar, naturally.

This trend has been seen at awards ceremonies all year and is permeating events such as the recent Miss USA Pageant, held in Reno, Nevada. Crownwinner Chelsie Kryst from North Carolina shocked the public with a gorgeous natural head of black, curly and unironed hair. Expressing her look in queenly poise, her stage presence was reminiscent of Motown great, Diana Ross.

How do you embrace your curls? The biggest lesson is to never touch your wet hair until 100% dry. Then you can fluff, scrunch, brush or shake out all you like. Using shampoo only once a week is important for curly hair, as it is naturally dryer than straight hair.

Be sure your products are heavy for moisturizing and frizz-control, and underrinse your conditioner when finishing your shower time. The residual effect will smooth curls and weigh them down. Always rinse in cool water.

Game of Thrones has 47 Emmy Awards

Many will wet their hair at night, add a leave in conditioner, then wrap their hair in a thin t-shirt or towel to allow it to dry while they sleep.

Patience is a must. Trusting the long process of waiting for your hair to dry can be hard, but it is worth it. Ask Miss USA.

Makeup for Camera

How do you look good on television? Exaggerate the lines.

Here, on Financial Expert Frances Newton Stacy, I drove home the contouring.

That means, in a shade two or three times darker than her skin tone, I brushed lines under her cheekbones and in a frame around her face, remembering the neckline since her dress exposed skin on her chest.

Patricia Steuer on Andrea Mitchell MSNBC

I applied once, then blended with a fat brush, then I applied again softly without blending. This method works on all female talents.

Attorney Jill-Wine Banks on MSNBC

Defined and blended eyebrows are mandatory for camera makeup. First use a neutral taupe color with definition, then gently brush the edges to soften.

Stock Expert Frances Newton Stacy on Fox Business

Artificial lashes really bring out the eyes. For television, I prefer ‘daytime thick’. That means the lashes are black and thick but subtle enough for close-ups.

For men, smoothing any blotchiness on their skin is key. They also get a contouring color, but instead of using it to frame the face, I add matte bronzer on their protruding facial bones, forehead, cheekbones, and bridge of the nose to create a healthy look.

Philanthropist Tom Steyer on MSNBC

DIY: Can you do this on your own? Yes! But you need a lot of practice. A good makeup artist can do a full look in fifteen minutes. For amateurs, it can take over an hour.

Actor and Gaming expert Tian Wang for Fox Business

Using professional-grade makeup, which has a higher price point, is necessary for any polished makeup look. It lasts for 12-14 hours and goes on with precision, saving you time.

Also, every studio lighting is different-be sure to calculate in the warm, cool, high, low, bright or dark lights into your color choices.

Makeup done by Rebecca Schembri in Reno, Nevada for remote to New York.

Headscarves in 2019

Remember when Grandma used to wrap her hair in a silk scarf or when classy ladies would cover their rollers with a bandana? This trend is back.

No longer a necessity to protect curlers from falling out or to smooth down curly hair for sleep and housework, headscarves are the next big beauty mark on the fashion industry.

Trending in college students and celebrities alike, silk, synthetic, or hemp scarves are covering heads everywhere. Seen twisted into top buns or woven into braids, these colorful pieces say a lot about style.

Alicia Keys began the trend years ago when she made repeated public appearances with her hair wrapped into a headscarf. Not quite sure how to receive it, some viewers were reluctant to follower her lead.

Now, the music icon’s beauty choices are admired as ladies and some men are loving the freedom from hairstyling that scarf-wrapping allows. Able to make a beauty statement and escape bathroom beauty time, this hot item is sure to last throughout the summer and it will be well-enjoyed.

Rebecca Schembri is a Published Hair and Makeup Artist and Director of Breeze Salon in Reno, Nevada

1970’s Fashion Makes Another Comeback

This month I visited the fashion district of Los Angeles and found myself staring at the women around me. They were dressed, head to toe, in 1970’s memorabilia. Their wrap-around dresses and jumpers had geometric lines, they had bell-bottom jeans under floral chiffon dusters and when I saw their platform shoes and V-shaped haircuts, I knew it- this era is back.

Following the lingering music festival trends that celebrated colorful, flowy, braided clothing (and hair), groovy throwback fashion takes it a step further. In the beauty industry, we are seeing a lot of boho trends from magazine looks on celebrities and at public appearances like the Grammys, including still current messy bun and broken waves hairstyling.

Since most of us got 70’s forehead fringe five years ago and wore it proudly in our eyes for another four, bangs are not on the predictions list for hair trends in 2019. We do see straight hair coming back, and that only means one part line for this style genre: right down the middle.

One 1970’s trend we are not seeing yet is disco. Shimmery, glittery, dance-all-night wardrobing has yet to appear. Instead, expect pop culture favorites like thin sweaters tucked into high-waisted flare jeans.

Bohemian and free-flowing is still popular. With our salon located in the Midtown District in Reno, we see boho daily. Hair is long, half braided or bunned and gently highlighted. Messy yet put-together is the norm. For clothing, Midtowners are shopping in grandma’s closet and at thrift stores and they love it.

Riding the tailwind of 1960’s-era geometrically-shaped-outer-space everything, the 1970’s were a time of freedom, self-expression and groove. With a mix between nature and the future, styles are wildflowery and far out-something our pop culture can experiment with and enjoy.

Rebecca Schembri is a Published Hair and Makeup Artist and Director of Breeze Salon in Reno, Nevada.

Breeze Salon Gets a Makeover

Breeze Salon Reno

April 2019 commemorates a beautiful shift in Reno’s hairdressing industry-Breeze Salon has moved to a bigger, brighter area! Surrounded with windows and a private outside door, this storefront studio is full of sunshine.

Breeze Salon Reno Rebecca Schembri
The new studio has street access

Breeze Salon Director and Hairdresser, Rebecca Schembri, is elated, “I cried. I cried for a very long time. It took three-plus years to find availability and when I got news that the suite was mine, I felt like a long bout of patience, sweat, and vision-boarding came to culmination.”

Nestled in the Midtown district in Reno, Nevada, Breeze now has street access that clients and visitors can use. Just two blocks from the Virginia strip, restaurants and shops are everywhere. The establishment is putting out signage to attract new clients and to amplify the ambiance for regulars.

Breeze Salon Reno
Ample lighting in the salon includes a beautiful chandelier

“I love the chandelier! The whole experience is much more relaxing and the lighting is multiplied in this new studio,” Rebecca says with a smile. “With two walls of glass windows and a glass door, I no longer need to send clients out into the sun with a hand mirror, just to get an accurate read on their background color. Makeup and wedding services will be much easier, too, since natural lighting is helpful for bridal parties.”

Breeze Salon Reno Rebecca Schembri
The new Breeze Salon is full of sunlight and fresh ambiance

Rosebushes and landscaping adorn the views outside Breeze’s new studio. The spacious windows will allow for sunset-watching as well, as the salon is open evenings all summer. “As a Makeup Artist and Colorist, I couldn’t be happier. I have great lighting, lots of space and beautiful views,” Rebecca muses.

Breeze Salon Reno Rebecca Schembri
Rebecca uses vision boards to to help focus on salon goals

“I love the side door. Now clients can relax in the lobby or come in through the outside door to check in. It’s very convenient!”

Breeze Salon Reno is located in the same building as before, at 1091 Haskell Street, #12 (new suite). Midtown cross streets are Caliente/Haskell. As for the construction on Virginia Street, clients can expect delays for another year. Plumas Street is the recommended alternative route.

Published Hair and Makeup Artist Rebecca Schembri
Rebecca Schembri is a Published Hair and Makeup Artist and Director of Breeze Salon in Reno, Nevada